Artist Statement

What is Reality?

In 1990 I searched for words expressing a theme I could get along with for the rest of my life. It eventually became the above question. It still turns out to be the impelling force behind my work.

My strength is filtering out the strength and beauty of simplicity.

Setting an intent.

The spaces 'in between' invite to be investigated.

When enough information has been gathered and enough connections have been made, the creation of a conclusion follows.

All melts together with the aim that the end result rises 'above'.

And so the essence gets caught.

The text above embraces the essence of the workproces.

From having a 'feeling' image and setting the intent, the proces moves into investigations in materials, history, culture and so on.

Like light can be filtered out in different colours, those investigations can crystallise out visual and tangible elements and/or moments. Those elements and/or moments give an euphoria. They are not directly thinkable yet they are directly experienceable. They are put aside and eventually worked out or just left as they are.

The investigation itself carries on until a completion of the intent can be given.

Photography and video are used to record the moments.

Through poetic explorations the essence of the individual works are caught in words.

During the proces two- and three- dimensional work, installations, 'gallery-' or even 'museum-' pieces appear; all from the beginning unknown, not predicted.

Through the creation proces many of the works are connected with each other.

Through a deepening and strengthening manner the experiences and knowledge gained from a rich past are indirectly opened up.

P.S. I try to keep this website as much as possible updated. Recent work and visual background stories/journeys can be seen through Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn (see icons).

© Natascha J. A. Rodenburg