Poetic Explorations 2016

the numbering in front of the titles of 'poetic explorations' correspond with the numbering in front of the titles of the images at 'Artwork 2016', see sidebar

16003        'A Captured Moment in Time'
150 sheets of ripped cardboard standing tight together
a semi hard outer shell
the core, subject to transformation
16002        'Fairies, Dragons, Warriors + Computers in the Land of the Unknown, a picture book'
(a series of 7)
investigation - searching - hunting - skipping
divergence - set aside - exploration
investigation - set new intent
preparation - getting used to - learning
observation - caught attention - further exploration
looking back - caught attention - accepted situation
further exploration
setting limitations - setting boundaries
highlighting - conclusion
fixating - finalizing - finished
16001        'Historical knowledge emerging out of the bank of Kawakawa River, New Zealand 1999' 
(a series of 21)
passing in silence silent observing
being present
rhythmical cyclical seasonal
being present
going out coming in standstill
being present
receiving letting go changing
being present
infinity eternity in between
being present
and so the historical knowledge emerges

© Natascha J.A. Rodenburg