The world of moment – a journey of discovery

Work arises out of curiosity for matter and process often with an underlying ecological and/or spiritual motive.

Discovering potential visual snapshots in matter brings in an urgency to disclose these snapshots. Like a journey of discovery the material in question thus gets investigated. By means of research, crystallisation takes place to a destination in this journey which does not nescessarily has to be the final destination. The results give euphoria. They are not directly thinkable yet they are directly experienceable. They are noted, put aside and possibly worked on at a later stage.

Each individual work has its own story which can be understood from out of its own workprocess. This workprocess can be placed again within a larger context which is connected with life itself and its processes.

The work results in monumental, individual artworks and texts, which display a strength and beauty of simplicity. They are inspiring and challenging.

P.S. I try to keep this website as much as possible updated. Recent work and visual background stories/journeys can be seen through Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn (see icons).

© Natascha J. A. Rodenburg